Grocery Shopping and Errand Services

The Basket Concierge fees and services

The Basket Concierge has been servicing the lake county area since 2014, we are licensed and certified. 

The Basket Concierge is not affiliated with any grocery stores,we are a small family own local business here in Florida.

Our mission is to provide a shopping and delivery service that is: 

EASY - No contracts to enter into or apps to buy  just simply email ,Text, or call in your order,  and we will deliver the groceries to your home on the day you request.  

AFFORDABLE - Our rates are affordable, and we accept cash, checks,

Paypal, or credit cards.  

PROFESSIONAL - We are adamant about providing the finest customer service. Our associates are polite, punctual, attentive to details and are excited about delivering your groceries.   

The Basket Concierge, love providing a necessary service to those who do not want to shop for themselves.  

Holidays: by Appointment (only)  Please call before ordering for availability.

Please call to arrange any type of same day or after hours grocery shopping and a delivery service.

Emergency shopping, or after hours shopping- please call for availability. Next day grocery service orders cut off is 6 pm, any orders taken after 6:01 pm will be considered after hours.

Placing orders online:

When placing your grocery shopping and delivery orders online you are consenting to our next day or later date delivery only, unless you have been directed otherwise.   

Please understand that due to the demand of our services, all grocery shopping and delivery orders are subject to the availability of our shoppers at the time of order placement. We will however do our best to accommodate you for the time of your request.   

If we find it necessary to use a time frame, we will first inform you when taking or confirming your order.   

Legal Notice: Florida state law mandates that the delivery of ANY age restricted items including alcohol must be transacted face to face and verified with valid age appropriate identification.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Age appropriate identification is required for all age restricted items purchased on your behalf.  

Returns: The grocery store accepts the return. All returns are non-perishable. You provide us with the grocery store receipt which was given to you at your initial delivery. You agree to a service fee for us to pick up the grocery store receipt and groceries to be returned. You agree to an additional service fee for us to return your refund. Your refund will be minus our service fees.


Grocery shopping service fees are as follow: 

If your grocery store receipt total is... between $0.1 - $60, our shopping fee is $15.

If your grocery store receipt total is… between $60.01 - $100.00, our shopping fee is $20. 

If your grocery store receipt total is... between $100.01 - $150.00, our shopping fee is $25. 

If your grocery store receipt total is... between $150.01 - $200.00, our shopping fee is $30. 

If your grocery store receipt total is... between $200.01 - $250.00, our shopping fee is $40. 

$250.01 and over = 15 % of the total shopping bill.  

No minimum order requirements! No markups on grocery prices! Grocery shopping fees includes Time to shop, gas, personal time, door delivery.  

Additional fees...  

Add a store for $5 (same day runs only).

$5.00 to pick up coupons/other items prior to shopping. 

$5.00 for "the bag your own groceries" type stores. $10.00 Re-delivery fee. $.50/mile will be charged if the store is greater then 10 miles from the delivery address. 

Bank Runs $10 or $5 with other same day services.

Well Check $25.00 .

Soiled Garment removal $50 .

Pet Clean Up - $25. 

House cleaning - (2 pp.) starts at  $120.

Hair Cuts- $25.00.

Razor Shaves - $15.  

Laundry drop offs/pick ups $25 same day. 

Furniture rearranging and lifting $75 - up .

Lite Cleaning $60. 

Companion Visits $25 (1 hr). 

Dog Walking - $20 (1 dog) $35 (2 dogs).

Pet Sitting (1 pet) $25 -1 hr (2 pets) 1 hr - $35.  

Overnight pet sitting starts at  $50 (1 pet) $65 (2 pets). 

Meal Preparations - $25 hr.  

Restaurant Take out Food Delivery Service $10 . 

Gift Delivery Service starting at $35.00  

Cancellations must be 2 hr. Prior to shopping . 

$5 fee on restaurant meal delivery cancellation  in progress.

Tourist: $10.00 fee will be added to all orders that are  left at bell services, customer services, local Hotels, Resorts, and/or Rental Villas. A valid ID and signature must be signed off with each delivery.   

The Basket Concierge will not be responsible for items, if the customer isn't present upon delivery.  

Same day Service: 10.00 service fees for same day service if available .(does not include per-arranged service).  

Toll Fees: Toll fees will be added if it applies to any location.  

Check or Debit Decline: $30.00 Returned Checks or Credit Cards Declined.  

EBT: EBT/SNAP is accepted,Restrictions may apply. 

 Fuel Charge: $3.00 fuel surcharge will be added to all orders.  

No Minimum Order Requirements!  No Mark-ups on Grocery Prices!   

After 3 hours of service, $5 will be added every 30 minutes beyond.  

How to get Started?  

1). Put together your shopping list, please include detailed items such as:  The amount that you demand to purchase, The size and oz. of the products, The brands that you prefer or to substitute in place of. 

 2 ). Select your favorite stores that you require us to purchase, each additional store is $5. 

3). Deliver your list by email to: or by text to 352-658-3115, along with address, phone number. 

Gated Community access: If it's a gated community makes sure to inform them about our delivery.  

4).We, together,set up a time and date to shop.   

If you would like to set up grocery shopping services please, Contact me. 

 My name is Genia.  Much appreciated. 

Thank you for supporting our small family business. We look forward to making your day Errand free.

Thank you for supporting our small family business. We look forward to making your day Errand free.

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